An Unholy Mess. How religious schools discriminate.

The British Humanist Association have today released their findings on discrimination in religious schools, with a report called “An Unholy Mess”.

The findings are serious and unacceptable, even by the standards of their own religious authorities. The schools are failing to prioritise the children in care, as well as breaching admission codes. Some schools are also discriminating on the grounds of race and gender.

Atheist NI (with only a little of our own research) are starting to find the same issues popping up here in Northern Ireland.

It is totally unacceptable for state funded schools anywhere in the British Isles to be discriminating against children. Education is a human right: the right to be able to learn without being discriminated against is something we take very seriously at Atheist NI.

Andrew Copson of the BHA said: “It’s well known that religious schools have been abusing the admissions system for some time. Even so, no one can have imagined the problem was as widespread as this report shows.”

If you believe you or your children have been discriminated against, or if you are a teacher who is worried about how children are being affected by religious discrimination on the school you work please contact Atheist NI.

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Read the full report here.