Some bloggers have cahunas bigger than the moon.

Some bloggers have cahunas bigger than the moon.

Here in Northern Ireland, our standard mode of blog decorum is the “wind up”. “Wind up” is great and it works. Yes, we get threats and people attacking us verbally, but that’s par for the course, and as they say, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words tend to be so bloody stupid all I can do is point and laugh”.

This isn’t par for the course in other countries, as you will see in the article attached. Bloggers are being murdered for upholding secular values, and talking about religious oppression. Opponents of secularism and satire speak openly about punishing dissenters.

They seem to go unchallenged by authorities when they convince others to resort to violence. What’s more incredible is the fact that these secular bloggers don’t back down. They continue their work even after watching their friends and comrades die.

These individuals should be applauded, and we should support them as much as possible. At the moment, ANI has a petition available to sign here to help the Saudi bloggers Ali Mohammed al-Nimr and Raif Badawi.

Over and above signing a petition (as we sit on our arses thinking “Wow, that doesn’t look fun”) we need to share their work. Let everyone know what they are doing, and that we support their right to freedom of speech.

Back to Northern Ireland wind up … Belfast Telegraph or DUP?

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