The Big Debate – Who Were the Sneerers?

On Thursday 19th Nov 2015 the Stormont Hotel hosted a discussion on the question ‘Is Christianity holding Northern Ireland back?’ To ensure a fair debate a third of the tickets were allocated to local churches, a third to the group Atheist Ireland and the final third to the general public. I attended the debate alongside a number of … Continued

Humanism comes to Queens – But What Is it?

At times Humanism can find itself in an odd place. It rarely suffers the vilification that atheism often endures, but it rarely benefits from the ardent devotion that religion can induce. It is most often met with polite puzzlement, with most people being faintly aware of the term or the things that humanists say but … Continued

Atheism, Religion and Abortion Access in Northern Ireland

Introduction Right, welcome reader, I’m afraid I’ll have to bore you with some definitions and then we can move on. “Pro-life”: The view that abortion ought to be inaccessible to women. The means by which this tends to be done is criminalisation. Some people identify as pro-life but do support exceptions for rape/incest. “Pro-choice”: Abortion … Continued

The Qur’an is not Infallible

Firstly, Atheist N.I. would like to express our shock and sympathy; to those in France and Lebanon, and globally to victims of atrocities like those we have witnessed over the last few days. It is our hope that how we respond to such events can bring us closer together, rather than push us apart. Now … Continued

Voluntary Secretary Position Atheist NI

It is with regret that our current Secretary Adam Hanlon has had to step down due to family commitments. Adam was an asset to ourselves and we appreciate all the hard work he has put in. Moving forward we need a new secretary to fill his boots and we are putting it out to all … Continued

The Big Debate – Is Christianity holding Northern Ireland back?

On Thursday 19th Nov 2015 (8pm), in the Stormont Hotel, William Crawley (BBC) will chair our discussion on the question ‘Is Christianity holding Northern Ireland back?’ This event is free of charge, but entry will be by ticket only. To ensure a fair debate 1/3 of tickets have been allocated to local churches, 1/3 to … Continued

An Unholy Mess. How religious schools discriminate.

The British Humanist Association have today released their findings on discrimination in religious schools, with a report called “An Unholy Mess”. The findings are serious and unacceptable, even by the standards of their own religious authorities. The schools are failing to prioritise the children in care, as well as breaching admission codes. Some schools are also discriminating … Continued

Freethought Fridays podcast.

Today I was invited down to Dublin to record “Freethought Friday” with Ciaran O Floinn. You can listen here. Yes I know it’s not Friday but we all wish it was. Ciaran and I discussed Atheist NI, what it’s like to be an atheist in Northern Ireland, why secularism in important and what our plans for … Continued