Hitchens’ Wager

On January the 18th the Trinity College Dublin Metaphysical Society hosted a debate on whether or not theism was a reasonable philosophical position. The speakers were Michael Nugent, Peter Hitchens, Ivana Bacik and Patrick Masterson. Whilst the debate is interesting on the whole this article will concentrate on one of the lines taken by Peter Hitchens. It, … Continued

Calling on MLAs to change our unfair laws on abortion

Atheist NI urges MLAs to vote this Wednesday to change the law on abortion in Northern Ireland, bringing it in line with international human rights standards. Following the judgement of the Human Rights Commission’s judicial review on 30th November, the NI assembly must now act to change the law to uphold the rights of women and girls … Continued

Peter Tatchell’s change of heart on Asher’s is wrong

As the appeal against the Asher’s judgement approaches, Peter Tatchell has had a change of heart, and bought the lie drummed up by the Christian apologist groups the Christian Institute and Evangelical Alliance that their freedom of expression was impinged. Tatchell argues that Gareth Lee’s sexuality didn’t play a part in the refusal to provide … Continued

Hey Paddy – are you a Protestant Saint or a Catholic Saint?

Politicians in Northern Ireland embarrass their constituents with unseemly quibbling about who gets to claim which religious emblems. We are told that to project the wavelength of light between yellow and blue is apparently Irish and nationalistic, and therefore unbefitting of a saint who somehow anticipated the ideas of Martin Luther by a millennia. When ex-DUP councillor … Continued

What is Religious Education For?

Recent polls have shown that support for the Anglican tradition is waning in the UK, whilst the number of people professing belief either in Islam or evangelical Christianity, as well as those who have no particular religious beliefs, is on the increase. Since the recent publication of a report that makes suggestions as to how … Continued

Are we becoming a multicultural wasteland?

In a recent piece for the Mail on Sunday Peter Hitchens expressed dismay at a report advocating for a more secular and multicultural approach to education. The report also recognises that the place of the Church of England in public life no longer represents the broader make-up of British society or faith. Peter went so … Continued

Press Release Regarding Yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph

We are concerned with the persistent unsubstantiated headlines of the Belfast Telegraph. Yesterday’s headline “my cancer was driven out by prayer” has tipped many over the edge. This front page article is a slap in the face of the many skilled doctors of the Royal Victoria hospital, who worked so hard to save Rachelle, and … Continued