The Christian Martyrdom Complex and the Ashers Case

The Ashers Bakery case is back in the news, as the Christian Institute-backed business seeks to overturn the original ruling, that they discriminated against Mr Gareth Lee when he ordered a cake for an event promoting marriage equality. The Christian Institute has for years been pushing a false narrative of Christian persecution. The National Secular … Continued

The obstructive hypocrisy of the Evangelical Alliance

Public attention has focused on abortion in Northern Ireland again this last week, as a three month suspended sentence was handed down to an unnamed woman for inducing her own abortion using pills, resulting in a protest against the current legislation held outside the Public Prosecution Service in Belfast on 7th April, 2016. Meanwhile, Dawn McAvoy, a researcher … Continued

An Insatiable Appetite for Human Misery

Brussels was less than a week ago, and it’s already the third* deadliest bombing in that brief timeframe. The horror of that statistic overwhelms me. Since then, ISIS have killed at least 41 at a football stadium hosting a boys’ tournament in Baghdad, and a Taliban splinter group have killed at least 72 in a park … Continued

Birth, Death and Easter Eggs: The Spring Equinox Belongs to us All

Peter Lynas of the Evangelical Alliance has argued that the trend of “Easter Eggs” being increasingly marketed as “Chocolate Eggs” is a sign of “Ardent Secularism”. As ardent secularists this is news to us at Atheist Northern Ireland. We would suggest that market forces of a disinterested nature probably lie behind the decision. After all, … Continued

The faulty Christian beliefs of Foster and McGuinness

Our First Minister Arlene Foster and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness revealed their Christian beliefs, and the logical fallacies underpinning them. Martin McGuinness said of the Earth, “I believe that something created this beautiful planet; it’s just so extraordinary in the universe that I can come to no other conclusion.” We’ve heard this one from … Continued

Community isn’t a religious invention, but a human one

I first wrote a version of this post in April 2015, and having just attended our February 2016 brunch, it’s worth sharing again. Credit for the brunch concept goes to our colleagues Atheist Ireland. We also want to follow their lead in instigating multiple brunches all over the Northern Irish map, so if you would … Continued

Refreshing Rhetoric from Unlikely Sources

Congratulating political and religious leaders for unexpectedly enlightened stances always feels like a bit of a risk, given that they can be used as distraction from actions and plans that run counter to the words they utter. Only the politically naive would take Arlene Foster’s remarks in Wednesday’s News Letter as sign of the upcoming reform of the … Continued